The Real Threat of Identity Theft

To protect your identity, you must sell your soul…

Selecting Stones

By Amien Essif, of The Gazine

Alright, holiday shoppers of 2013 — are you having fun yet?  Did you get your rush on Black Friday, which has now been moved up to Thursday somewhere between the corn casserole and the cranberry relish?  More importantly, did you get your discount?  Great, but don’t let the romance of the Christmas season melt all your cares away.  Fox 31 News (Georgia) reports that “as holiday shopping continues, with more gifts comes more receipts and officials say that can put you at risk for identity theft.”

Not exactly a scoop, I’m afraid.  Every time one or another shopping season makes headline news, the media starts cranking its identity theft story mill.  “One Albany resident, Jill Oliver,” continues the Fox story, “had her identity taken from her three years ago.  Since then, she says she’s taking more precaution…”  And why wouldn’t she?  Her very…

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