The Gazine is a Chicago media conglomerate of one or two people. Okay, one. My name is Amien and I am a freelance writer, covering mainly the labor movement. I write regularly for In These Times and my stuff has also appeared in the Guardian, CounterPunch, Alternet, the Socialist Worker, and The Indypendent.

The Gazine is where I’m allowed to talk about technology, literature, Marxism, poverty, consumerism, media, travel, and whatever else I have time to think about.

In short, The Gazine features commentary and analysis with a left curve, sometimes an interview, sometimes a multimedia project.

The Gazine was started in January 2013 in Logan Square, Chicago.

Also, for reference: The “t” in the “the” in The Gazine is always capitalized.

The Gazine kindly accepts submissions, advice, and feedback. Please inquire on the Contact page.

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  1. Dana Wyman · · Reply

    Cheers, Amien! It seems I just needed to Google your name to smoke you out.

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