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To Go Where They Pleased

The assumption that hitchhiking or walking across the country is not a ‘black’ thing to do goes way back to what it means to be an American and which Americans have the right to travel, to enjoy traveling, and not just on an Amtrak or a Greyhound bus but also on the road, crossing property […]

Scientologists in Ferguson

Amien Essif I was in St. Louis over the weekend for the “Ferguson October” event, and after the march and the subsequent rally, I was looking for a place to eat. That’s when some guy rushed up to me and handed me a booklet that I immediately regretted taking. The 75-page publication had all the […]

Time Inc. and the Times fire their first women editors within the same year and for the same reason

In light of the fact that the New York Times just fired its first female executive editor, I was reminded that Time magazine did something oddly similar this past December. I read the following article in the NYT at the end of last year: “Time Inc. Is Preparing to Head Out on It’s Own.” Flanked […]

How to Hitchhike from Denver to Yellowstone in Two Days: An Essay

By Amien Essif The following is a creative non-fiction piece I wrote about the first stretch of a trip I made from Denver to Portland in the summer of 2013. Another bit of writing that came out of that same experience–an essay about the tension between freedom and capitalism–was published on the Guardian in December […]

The Gazine Turned 1 on Saturday!

I wanted to take a moment to wish The Gazine a happy birthday, but it’s a weird thing to do. First, I have to find enough breath to yell into the woods. I’m talking to everyone with Internet access, so I’m talking to no one, exactly. In this way, wishing The Gazine a happy birthday […]

Inside a French Riot

Amien Essif The following is a personal account of a clash between French students and police and was written on March 10, 2011 in Montpellier, France. “It’s the same thing every year,” said one of my native friends when the next morning I expressed a shock which I couldn’t articulate in broken French. “It’s a […]

The Real Threat of Identity Theft

To protect your identity, you must sell your soul…

An Open Letter to Kay Ryan, Poet

Dear Kay Ryan, I’ve been thinking a lot about entropy lately, probably because it’s summer in Chicago. I would have thought Chicago winter would be the season of sullen thoughts, but something about the cold and the dark and the warm interiors leaves only enough room to sit near a space heater and write to-do […]

Gentrification: A Slide Show (PHOTOS)

Logan Square is one of the many neighborhoods facing gentrification in Chicago, the “city of neighborhoods.” Still home to a large Hispanic-American population, the slow-drip to-go coffee is quietly replacing the café con leche in this northwest neighborhood. According to John McCarron of the New Communities Program, “Gentrification is not an abstract social issue in […]

Sandy Hook’s Bright Side? Someone Made $2.3 Million

The Sparrow Project, an activist media group, published a report last week alleging that two asset management companies, Owl Creek and Impala, seized on the December Sandy Hook massacre as an opportunity to profit from gun sales. The Sparrow Project cites a Feb. 14 Bloomberg report on Owl Creek Asset Management’s disclosure of a 2.4 […]