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  1. Peggy Proudfoot Harman · · Reply

    Dear Mr. Amien,
    I am a professor at Marshall University and have been working on a documentary about a Syrian (Lebanese) leper -from the 1900’s .The man was a Lebanese immigrant in the early 1900s and had a harrowing experience. Charles Amien from the Ohio Valley was instrumental in trying to help him go back to Syria. Do you know anything about Charles? I am almost finished with the documentary and am working on an anti-discrimination curriculum for elementary children based on this story. Any help you might be able to give me is greatly appreciated.
    Peggy Harman

    1. Hi Dr. Harman. Unfortunately, while I’m am indeed descended from Lebanese immigrants, I am tied to that country by the name “Essif”, not my first name, which is an Americanization of the French city Amiens. Good luck with your search and I hope you’ll be so kind as to send me information about the documentary once you’re finished. Thanks!

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