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Sandy Hook’s Bright Side? Someone Made $2.3 Million

The Sparrow Project, an activist media group, published a report last week alleging that two asset management companies, Owl Creek and Impala, seized on the December Sandy Hook massacre as an opportunity to profit from gun sales. The Sparrow Project cites a Feb. 14 Bloomberg report on Owl Creek Asset Management’s disclosure of a 2.4 […]

The Milgram Experiment Is Destined to Repeat Itself Forever

New research on the effects of violent video games, reports the New York Times, has shown that playing Mortal Kombat for fifteen minutes made subjects more “aggressive.” But how did they record that? Recall that in the early 1960s Stanley Milgram’s notorious experiment tested the human willingness to torture people with electric shock when under […]

On Fear and Firepower: A Close Reading

“Seven rounds is not gonna cut it if there’s ten people coming to your house.” So said a man interviewed by Your News Now (YNN) at a pro-gun rally in Albany, NY. He was voicing his concern that the seven-round limit imposed by the recently passed NY SAFE Act would “hinder his ability to protect […]