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Joining the Hoard of Termites: A Neo-Luddite Manifesto

At the end of my 18th-century British lit course, my professor, in good humor, had us make a confession. Who had given up on Laurence Sterne’s The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and who had persevered? She promised no punishment, but I knew she would admire anyone with the stamina to struggle through […]

A Portrait of Television in an Age of Austerity

By Amien Essif The wealthy cannot afford to support the economy of the rest because that gives them performance anxiety and throws the whole show off, but the poor should definitely test-drive the new Chevy Impala because it is made to love. I’m sitting on a United Airlines flight out of Chicago and the screens […]

The Milgram Experiment Is Destined to Repeat Itself Forever

New research on the effects of violent video games, reports the New York Times, has shown that playing Mortal Kombat for fifteen minutes made subjects more “aggressive.” But how did they record that? Recall that in the early 1960s Stanley Milgram’s notorious experiment tested the human willingness to torture people with electric shock when under […]