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Scientologists in Ferguson

Amien Essif I was in St. Louis over the weekend for the “Ferguson October” event, and after the march and the subsequent rally, I was looking for a place to eat. That’s when some guy rushed up to me and handed me a booklet that I immediately regretted taking. The 75-page publication had all the […]

Atheism Rebranded: New T-Shirts for a Secular Mainstream

During the Bush years, patriotism came to describe the perfect union of Christianity and enthusiasm for foreign wars.  A Gallup poll from 2007, at the height of the Iraq War’s unpopularity, showed that while the majority of those who claimed “no religious preference” opposed the war, the majority of protestants still supported it. A more […]

Watch Out, Istanbul. This Is How Capitalism Quashes Dissent.

The uprising in Turkey has stirred the doldrums of the American left because it reminds us of ourselves. But if we’re jittery, it’s as much from excitement as anxiety. The headline Monday morning was “Turkish protestors in full control of Istanbul Gezi Park,” and the images coming out of occupied Gezi Park lent themselves to […]

Joystick Warfare Is Rather Joyless

So it’s not breaking news, but the fact that drone pilots work from offices in our own country is perennially astonishing to me. (Jeff Danziger has a great cartoon about this that you can see here.) It’s absurd, it turns the idea of warfare inside out…but what’s it like? I dug up a Fox News […]

The Milgram Experiment Is Destined to Repeat Itself Forever

New research on the effects of violent video games, reports the New York Times, has shown that playing Mortal Kombat for fifteen minutes made subjects more “aggressive.” But how did they record that? Recall that in the early 1960s Stanley Milgram’s notorious experiment tested the human willingness to torture people with electric shock when under […]